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What Causes Inflation and How to Protect Yourself

By Professor Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. March 2018 A simple definition of inflation is that it’s too much money chasing too few goods. Here’s an example: If you only have $1, the most you can bid for a cup of coffee is $1. However, if suddenly I put another dollar in your pocket, you can now

To Retire or Not to Retire?

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. January 29, 2018 When we approach retirement age, most of us have been working for perhaps fifty or more years. Therefore, it can be a difficult decision to give up something we’ve been doing for so long. What are the issues involved in making a decision, or what can

Watch Out: Inflation Is Returning and it Will Be Nasty

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. January 2018 Last month I wrote about what is likely to end the current euphoria in the stock, bond, and real estate markets. I pointed out that the culprit will probably be un-expected inflation, and its effect on interest rates. Many of you wonder why inflation is likely to

The Cause of a Coming Crash: Get Ready!

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. December 2017 Amid the euphoria we are witnessing in the stock, bond, real estate and bitcoin markets, are there any clouds on the horizon that presage a crash? I believe so, and I will explain what I feel is the main culprit that will put an end to the

Investing: How to Buy Low, and Sell High

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. October 2017 Often when people ask me what I do, I reply that one of my jobs is being a finance professor. To emphasize the point, I tell them that I teach how to buy low and sell high. On hearing this, many people chuckle and say they often