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Tariffs or No Tariffs, Either Way We Are in Deep Trouble!

By Professor Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. March 2017 What the American public, and our politicians, fail to recognize is that we have been living beyond our means for too long, and this has consequences. Here are some facts: Why are tariffs so attractive to Trump? The reason tariffs are appealing is because we have a horrendous

An Analysis of Trump’s Suggested Economic Plans

By Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. February 2017 President Trump has indicated that he will reduce income taxes, impose tariffs on imported goods from certain countries, and embark on a major infrastructure rebuilding program. The stock market has loved these suggestions, and so it has risen by 8% since his election. However, this love affair is based

What Are Interest Rates Signaling?

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. August 2016 We all know that interest rates are at record lows, not only in the USA but also in the most productive economies of the world. In fact, in some countries, interest rates are negative. That is, you have to pay them to take your money. Totally crazy.

The Disruptive Effects of China’s Economic Rise

By Professor Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. The English vote last Thursday has caused some important financial losses and may result in additional ones in the near future. Analysts have given many reasons for the vote results, including uncontrolled immigration, and the loss of good jobs due to the effects of free trade agreements and globalization. All

Today’s Financial Problem: Uncertainty!

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. I just dusted off my crystal ball to see what it’s predicting, and it’s foggy. So I went to my back up–my tea leaves. There is a tempest in my tea cup, so it’s impossible to read their predictions either. Perhaps they are telling me something . . .that