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2016: Full of Financial Surprises, or Not?

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. Let’s review some of the latest developments in the world of finance and see if they are surprises or if they are events that were expected–at least by me! Below is an analysis of some of them. Un-Surprise # 1: China’s stock market meltdown When you major in business

The Fed Has Raised Interest Rates: What Are the Possible Consequences?

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. After many years, the Fed has raised interest rates just a quarter of a point. The real thing to watch for is the future trend of rates, and the consequences of this current increase. Will rates continue to go up, or will they go down, again? That’s the million

Currency Wars: The Winners and Losers

By Professor Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. There is a currency war going on in international markets. What does this mean? Many countries are facing reduced or no economic growth, and this causes unemployment. Governments don’t like that, so they call meetings to figure out how to get their economies moving. The answer is simple: export more.

What Will Derail the Bond, Stock and Real Estate Markets?

By Professor Ricardo “Rick” Ulivi, Ph.D. The major asset markets, except commodities, have been on an incredible upswing since early 2009. Just last week most of them set new record highs. Will anything cause then to begin falling, rather than moving higher? Here are some possible factors. An increase in interest rates Although much has

Do You Need to Take Risk to Be a Successful Investor?

By Professor Ricardo Ulivi, Ph.D. You often hear the phrase, “To make money, you need to take risks”. Indeed, modern finance has proven that there is a positive relationship between risk and expected returns. That is, the higher the perceived risk of an investment, the greater the expected profit. But notice the word “expected.” This